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Empowering Your Run
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At Lornah Sports Coaching, we're more than just an app; we're a community dedicated to bringing out the best in every runner.
Founded by world-renowned marathon champion Lornah Kiplagat, our platform leverages unparalleled expertise to offer personalized training, insights, and support tailored to all levels of runners.
From your first mile to your next marathon, our mission is to empower, inspire, and transform your running journey through cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the athlete's needs.
Join us in redefining what's possible on the track, the trail, and beyond.

Our Mission and our vision

Our mission is to inspire and support runners through expert coaching, personalized training programs, and a vibrant community. We believe everyone has the potential to excel in running with the right guidance and support.

Envisioning a world where running is an accessible and enjoyable activity for all, we aim to foster a global community that celebrates diversity, encourages health and wellness, and promotes the spirit of competition and personal growth.

Our Programs

Discover the Joy of Weekly Group Runs

Join the heart of our running community with Lornah Kiplagat's Weekly Runs, designed for runners of all levels. Each week, embark on a new journey through diverse and scenic routes, from peaceful park paths to dynamic urban trails. These group runs not only offer a chance to improve your endurance and speed but also provide a supportive and motivating atmosphere.

Beginner's Journey

5K Prep Program

Designed for those new to running or getting back into shape, this program will guide you from your first jog to completing a 5K. The program entails progressive running exercises, systematically enhancing your endurance and self-assurance each week.

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Intermediate Stride

10K Training Program

Ideal for runners who are comfortable with shorter distances and are ready to challenge themselves further. This program focuses on improving pace, increasing distance, and enhancing overall running efficiency to prepare you for a successful 10K race.

10K Training Program Image
Advanced Marathon Mastery

Half and Full Marathon Training Program

Tailored for experienced runners targeting a half or full marathon. This comprehensive program includes advanced endurance training, speed workouts, long-distance strategies, and recovery protocols to ensure you're marathon-ready.

Marathon Training Program Image

Team behind the plan


Lornah Kiplagat

4 X World Champion & 3X Olympian.

Lornah excelled in various events, including road running, cross country, & track & field. She won the 2007 IAAF World Cross Country Championships and three World Road Running Championship titles. Kiplagat set world records in the 5 km & 10-mile road races and held world-best times in the 20 km & half marathon. She won major marathons in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Osaka. She founded the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten, Kenya, and her own sportswear brand.


Dr. Kiptolo Boit

Sports Science and Medicine Specialist

Dr. Edwin Kiptolo Boit is a prominent figure in sports, boasting an MSc in Sports Medicine and Health Science, along with a PhD in Sports Science. His approach to sports training is rooted in science and data analysis. He is Head of Programs at Lornah's Sports Coaching, applying knowledge in sports science and medicine to enhance athletic training. He contributes as an academic at Kenyatta University's School of Health Sciences.


Nandi Chepkemei

Sports Scientist & Coach

Nandi Chapekemei holds a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from Loughborough University. Her expertise includes athletics coaching, performance enhancement, and functional movement. With experience in nutrition, fitness, rehabilitation, and health training, she contributes extensively to the athletic community. Nandi is passionate about fostering holistic athlete development, prioritizing not only physical prowess but also mental resilience and overall well-being.

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